How to go with flexdrive

See how easy it is to get the car you want and earn extra income.

  1. Access the inventory

    Sign up to drive with Flexdrive through the Express Drive Program
  2. Pick up your vehicle

    Every plan includes unlimited rideshare miles. You choose how many personal miles you need and what car you'd like to drive (like midsize).

  3. Earn

    Generate extra income on the Lyft platform

  4. Repeat

    Return your car after the short 7 day rental period or keep driving and earning extra income. No long term contract or commitment.

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What people are saying

I would never own or finance a car again because of what flexdrive does.
Fred, Atlanta

flexdrive is so great. It's refreshing to experience wonderful customer service and I appreciate it very much.

Jessie, Austin

flexdrive should definitely be added to anyone's transportation options.

Jason, Miami

Our previous cars were costing us up to $300 a month for insurance and $500 to $1500 a year or more to maintain. With flexdrive we have none of those charges.

Lois, New Jersey

I loved how easy using flexdrive was to get in a car. It's like 1-2-3. That's it.

Tracy, Philadelphia

flexdrive gives me the flexibility of being able to change my cars when I need to. I don’t have to worry about the cost of repairs or the cost of insurance.

Karen, Atlanta