We bypassed the rules of car ownership. 

Flexdrive is a vehicle subscription service that empowers dealerships and fleet operators to put drivers behind the wheel fast. Our technology and customer service platform scraps the need for traditional car buying, providing flexible mobility solutions that have been lacking until today. Vehicle subscription is the future. 



With Flexdrive, drivers and businesses both win.  

Who enjoys negotiations, loan applications and surprise car costs? No one. With all the anxiety-inducing hassles and expenses, drivers are left wondering: isn't there an easier way? Meanwhile, independent car dealers are struggling to figure out how to handle idle inventory, and fleet operators are stuck trying to provide for people who want to drive but don't have proper cars. That's why we offer something different.



  • Only pay when your subscription is active
  • No credit checks or member fees
  • Manage everything from your phone
  • Swap cars as your needs change
  • No added insurance or maintenance costs


  • Offer customers an alternative to buying
  • Rapidly move your inventory  
  • Customize inventory according to your needs
  • Expand your client reach
  • We negotiate insurance on your behalf

Drivers get their needs covered in one predictable subscription. 



Collision and liability coverage from day one 


Oil changes, tire rotations, checkups, repairs and more


24/7 assistance, just a tap away 



It starts with a tap, managed in a simple app.  

#TheNewWaytoCar lets drivers:  

  1. Download the Flexdrive app and apply for membership. No credit checks—as long as they're 25+ with a valid driver's license, credit card and clean driving record, they're good to go. 
  2. Browse cars in their area. When they see what you want, they reserve it, pay for a weekly or monthly subscription and schedule pickup. 
  3. Pick up the car and go!


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