A world full of choices.

We live in a world full of choices so why should there only be two options to get a car? In fact, life is complicated, but getting a car shouldn’t be, which it often is. Your typical steps below to getting a car leave plenty of room for frustration.

  1. Determine what you can afford.
  2. Secure a down deposit and/or auto loan.
  3. Research car options online.
  4. Find the car that is right for you
  5. Try to find a dealership with the right price.
  6. Determine if leasing or buying makes more sense.
  7. Test drive the car.
  8. Negotiate with the dealer, which no one likes to do.
  9. Swim in paperwork and sign your life away.

The traditional lease and purchase models still work but why not another option? We live in a world full of choices but we also now live in a world full of conveniences. If something makes our lives more simple, we don’t mind paying for it. Basically, almost any need or want you may have can be met by the touch of a button on your phone.

We also live in a world of instant gratification. This is where vehicle subscription options, like flexdrive come into play. At flexdrive, getting a car is made simple and fast. Authorized dealer partners work with flexdrive in each market to provide a variety of different cars to fit any lifestyle or work need. Plus, at many different price points, flexdrive fits each subscriber’s financial needs. You simply download the flexdrive app on your phone, choose the exact car you want in your market, and pick it up at the local dealership. The entire process takes less time than ordering and picking up your morning coffee at Starbucks.

Traditionally, the typical path to leasing or purchasing a car could take days. You complete hours of research online and hours at the dealership dealing with negotiations and filling out paperwork. On top of this, you must typically have a down payment, shop for your own insurance, the hassle of vehicle registration, loans and be comfortable knowing your newly leased or purchased car has depreciated as soon as you drive off the lot and you are now locked into a lengthy lease or loan term.

With flexdrive, you pay one convenient subscription fee, just like your Netflix or meal delivery program. The fee is always all-inclusive with roadside assistance, maintenance and insurance built into the base price. Maintenance and repairs can really add up. Not having to worry about the cost of a repair or knowing you have roadside assistance if something were to happen adds to your peace of mind when going your own way. The subscription fee is all upfront and what you see is what you get. You also pay as you go. You can make a weekly or monthly subscription payment. No more paying for a car that just sits in the garage or is not used all the time. Say you are going on vacation for a week. You can put your subscription easily on hold and avoid paying for a car that you didn’t use for those seven days.

As mentioned, we like options and what we want or need now might not be what we want or need later. What flexdrive offers among other things that you will never get with a traditional lease or purchase of a vehicle is flexibility. You have the option when you flexdrive to switch cars at your convenience. If you need a SUV one week for more space and want a convertible the next, that choice is yours to make. It’s the freedom to go your own way.

At flexdrive, things are kept simple and straightforward because life is complicated enough.