For routine maintenance, flexdrive foots the bill! You may receive a courtesy call from flexdrive letting you know that it’s time for a tuneup. Or, you may notice an issue with how your vehicle is driving. To make a service appointment, contact one of your local flexdrive maintenance partners. These maintenance partners will vary according to your location, but we have a network of trusted maintenance experts, including Firestone, Tires Plus and Pep Boys. If you’re unsure of where to go, contact your local dealer. Want to save time? Call ahead to make an appointment. Mention that you’re a flexdrive member, and flexdrive will pay for the maintenance through a purchase order. Give the maintenance company the ARI phone number on your flexdrive packet (866.353.9399) and request that they have the purchase order ready in advance. We also recommend avoiding Saturdays or going in for service right before a holiday.