All the car, none of the commitment.

Flexdrive is a vehicle subscription service that offers the car you want, when you want it. Just select a car and drive it for a week, month or as long as you need. Why deal with car ownership when you can Flexdrive?


Peace of mind comes standard.

Your subscription includes...  

 Collision and liability coverage from day one

Collision and liability coverage from day one

 Oil changes, tire rotations and repairs are included

Oil changes, tire rotations and repairs are included

 Around-the-clock help to is just a tap away

Around-the-clock help to is just a tap away


Commutes, errands & adventures – it's your everything car.

Watch the video to see why Flexdrive is #TheNewWayToCar. 


What you'll need to get started:

Valid driver's license with current home address
At least 25 years old at the time of application
At least 3 years of clean driving history
Refundable $250 deposit upon reservation (some markets)
Valid credit card in your name for payment
Mobile phone in your name to receive alerts

What types of cars are available?  

A variety! Your local Flexdrive authorized dealer will offer inventory based on what customers like you want to see. You'll commonly find full-size or mid-size late model sedans and compact vehicles at Flexdrive locations, as well as full-size and compact SUVs. Some locations offer luxury cars, trucks, hybrids and micro / mini cars. Download the app to see current inventory in your area. Can't find the car you're looking for? Let us know by calling 866.850.7116 or emailing  


How do I apply for membership? 

Download the app and tap REGISTER. The app will walk you through accepting our membership agreement and capturing your driver's license. Provide a credit card and review your details and submit. That’s it! We'll let you know as soon as you're approved. 


How do I reserve a car?

Use the Flexdrive app to browse available inventory. Pick a vehicle you want to drive and tap REQUEST. Next, we’ll collect your subscription fee and, if applicable, your refundable deposit. Then you can schedule your pickup time as soon as same-day. 

If you're not already an approved Flexdrive Member, please apply for membership first. Once you’re approved, you’ll be able to follow the above instructions to get on the road.


How much does it cost to Flexdrive? 

The short answer: it depends. Flexdrive works with local authorized dealers, and those dealers determine weekly and monthly subscription fees for each vehicle they offer. Factors like location, car type, car age and demand can affect price. The Flexdrive app is the best way to see real-time subscription costs in your area. 

To give you an idea, here are a few sample scenarios: 

  • A 2017 Nissan Altima in Atlanta may be $219/wk with unlimited mileage, along with a $250 refundable deposit and local vehicle taxes of $2/day. 
  • A 2015 Smart FourTwo in Austin may be $99/wk, $15 for every set of 100 miles you drive over 500. 
  • A 2016 Subaru Crosstrek in Philadelphia may be $199/wk, plus $15 for every set of 100 miles over 500 and $4/day in state vehicle taxes. 

You'll also be financially responsible for things like tolls, traffic violations, damages to your car or accident deductibles. Learn more in the FAQs section. 


Enjoy worry-free driving at your fingertips.


Get started in minutes. Forget credit checks, negotiations and paperwork. 

1. Download the app and apply.

2. Choose your car and schedule pickup.

3. Get your car and go!


Stay in the loop.  

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