Don't just deliver vehicles. Deliver outstanding customer experience.

Car ownership makes drivers anxious. They worry that they're not getting the best deal, that their needs or income will change, that their insurance premiums will skyrocket, that they'll have unexpected maintenance costs and more. No wonder most people only buy cars every 3 to 5 years. 

How consumers get from point A to point B is changing, but people still need access to reliable cars. That's why smart dealerships are tapping into #TheNewWayToCar. Flexdrive lets you free drivers from the headaches of traditional ownership. Imagine the difference your drivers will notice when you can focus on relationships and not transactions. 


Offer more freedom, more flexibility, more choices.  

Establish lasting relationships, giving customers a reason to keep coming back.
Provide one-of-a-kind options in your region that other dealers can't, or aren't, offering yet.
Give customers peace of mind—no more suprise costs, no more maintenance headaches.

Flexdrive + dealers = one powerful partnership.


How does the subscription process work?

Flexdrive provides you with a technology and customer service platform to enable weekly or monthly car subscriptions. Flexdrive members reserve a vehicle, schedule the pickup, and pay for their subscription, all through the Flexdrive app. Then they simply pick up the car from the dealer at the scheduled time. A dealer representative explains how the vehicle works, what to do in case of an accident or a breakdown and answers any questions. When a vehicle is dropped off, the dealer inspects the vehicle and discusses options for resolving any issues.

What’s included in a Flexdrive subscription?

A weekly or monthly Flexdrive subscription includes maintenance, insurance, and roadside assistance for the member. Cars contain an information packet with details on how to report an accident, request roadside assistance, etc.  

How do dealers decide which vehicles to offer for subscription? 

What you offer is completely up to you, based on what customers in your market are seeking and what you feel would be the best fit for the platform. Currently, most of our authorized dealers offer a variety of late-model, fuel efficient vehicles. 

Where does Flexdrive currently operate? 

Flexdrive works with authorized dealerships in Atlanta, Austin, and Philadelphia. These dealerships offer customers vehicle subscription options alongside traditional car sales.  

How do I get started?

If you're a fleet operator, request a demo below to learn more about how Flexdrive can work for you. You can also reach out through and we'll put you in touch with the right person. You may also want to download the Flexdrive app to see firsthand how drivers register, browse and reserve. 


Thinking about offering flexible solutions to your customers?

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