Giving everyone the freedom to go

flexdrive was founded on one simple idea — people should have the freedom to drive the vehicle they want when they need it. Driven forward by that principle, we redefined the dealer-customer relationship and designed products that would transform the future of mobility.

Our Purpose

Industry Rooted

Our passion for solutions runs as deep as our roots. That’s why we can bring together experts, strategic partnerships and financial backers to solve consumer problems.

Technology First

Automotive is in our blood, but technology is in our DNA. Our elegant and intuitive platform gives customers the freedom they're looking for and dealers the flexibility they need.

Driven for Change

Propelled forward by our vision of a smarter way to go, we're working with our partners to transform an old industry into one that brings freedom to companies and consumers alike.

Our Values

We are fear-less

To achieve the impossible, it means that we see challenges as opportunities to move ahead.

We are leaders

We are our most important competitor. We stay focused on our mission and make it a reality. Only we can be the true experts at what we do.

We are curious

Every solution presents a new problem to solve. We are open-minded in our search for answers. We embrace an endless journey.

We are authentic

Honesty and intention is at the heart of what drives us. The truth can sometimes be difficult to hear, but the alternative is always worse.

We are challengers

Disagreement can be an excellent way to discover the right solution. With our team, it is not personal, it’s just our passion.

Working with flexdrive

What does it take to work here? You need to be comfortable with challenging the norm and obsessed with making it better. You need to be a fanatic about excellence and a lover of collaboration. But above all, you need to believe in the vision. So if you’re a technologist, data analyst, product designer, automotive expert, customer service professional or just want to do something cool with your life, check us out.